Feedback is extremely important to me. I love to hear how my classes, treatments and retreats made my clients feel. Here are a few comments from satisfied clients.

“A life changing week - I can’t wait to do it again…”

Lynsey’s yoga retreat in July 2019 was a transformational week for me in many ways, a sentiment shared by many if not all that attended.
Lynsey and Tracy who co-hosted worked wonderfully together to provide an inspiring and fulfilling experience which flowed beautifully between morning and evening yoga sessions and three delicious home cooked meals - giving each each day structure but with a relaxed approach. This flexibility gave time for treatments, fun and down time making it a perfect mix of yoga and holiday.

The location was exceptionally beautiful and ideal for a retreat like this. Rustic yet catered for and hugely relaxing. Doing yoga on the roof to the sounds of birds, sheep, horses, chickens was a slice of heaven that I wish I could have brought home!

The group was exceptionally lovely and bonded very well, feeling connected and supportive from day one. The welcoming circle was great to bring us together and set the tone for our week. Having a mix of ages was lovely and we all brought something from personal experiences which we could share and take strength from.
The yoga sessions and accompanying meditations were spot on for me. I have my limits due to a leg injury so the level of yoga was a perfect blend of restorative and relaxing yet dynamic and challenging so I felt a burn at times which I liked. It never felt too much or too little. The meditations were very powerful, bringing me to a very quiet and still place and helping me to re-set on so many levels. I felt huge benefits from these both on the retreat and after.

Lynsey is a wonderful teacher with the most calming, melodic and therapeutic of voices. Her focussed yet soft approach encourages and motivates without any sense of formality which promotes a happy relaxed feeling in the group. She adjusts you when you need it but let’s you work at your own pace and level.
I am now working meditation and yoga into each and every day. Holding hands at the end of our closing circle on the last morning was hugely moving as everyone felt so connected and a part of something special. As evident from the 18 beautiful ohhhmmms which sang out of us all!

I feel truly lucky to have been a part of this life changing week and to have shared it with such an amazing group of women. Thank you Lynsey and Tracy. I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

"Lynsey is a gifted healer..." 

Lynsey is an incredible therapist, and made me feel so comfortable and taken care of through each treatment. She always made time to check in with me before and after each session. I had weekly reiki and crystal therapy sessions over seven weeks and they were magical!  Lynsey is a gifted healer. I felt deeply relaxed, restored and vibrant after each session. I cannot recommend Lynsey enough and will definitely have more sessions in the future. – Kate 28

"At ease and the centre of attention..."

I loved the combination of Swedish massage with crystal healing, I felt so good after it and had a great sleep that evening. Lynsey has such a gift for making you feel relaxed, at ease and the centre of attention, she was fully focused on my well-being for the whole treatment. – Sarah 34

"Confident, compassionate practitioner..."

Very professional massage therapist who also communicates compassion. Confident practitioner who gave me a lovely treatment that meant I had a fantastic sleep. It's fantastic that Lynsey does home visits and this makes it particularly accessible for busy parents who need pampered. – Sue 54