Feedback in extremely important to me. I love to hear how each treatment made my clients feel. Here are a few comments from satisfied clients.

"Lynsey is a gifted healer..." 

Lynsey is an incredible therapist, and made me feel so comfortable and taken care of through each treatment. She always made time to check in with me before and after each session. I had weekly reiki and crystal therapy sessions over seven weeks and they were magical!  Lynsey is a gifted healer. I felt deeply relaxed, restored and vibrant after each session. I cannot recommend Lynsey enough and will definitely have more sessions in the future. – Kate 28

"At ease and the centre of attention..."

I loved the combination of Swedish massage with crystal healing, I felt so good after it and had a great sleep that evening. Lynsey has such a gift for making you feel relaxed, at ease and the centre of attention, she was fully focused on my well-being for the whole treatment. – Sarah 34

"Confident, compassionate practitioner..."

Very professional massage therapist who also communicates compassion. Confident practitioner who gave me a lovely treatment that meant I had a fantastic sleep. It's fantastic that Lynsey does home visits and this makes it particularly accessible for busy parents who need pampered. – Sue 54